Frequently Asked Questions


FFFK….what is it?

Fast, Flat, Five Kilometres, this is the perfect run to get a fast 5km time. Or if you’re just starting on your running journey you can avoid those pesky hills and get carried away by the other runners

Why Boscombe to Southbourne?

The beautiful Dorset coastline plays host to many races of various distances, from fun runs to competitive races the promenade welcomes runners of all abilities. We have chosen the 2.5km ‘out and back’ from Boscombe Pier towards Southbourne as it is closed to vehicles keeping you a little safer during the race.

Do I need to be elite to participate?

Not in the slightest. You can stroll, jog, run or sprint, it’s your gig. However, once you receive your finishing time you’ll find it addictive to ‘chip away’ at it fortnightly. You won’t always feel up to aiming for a PB so take it as a fun run with friends and family. On the other hand, if you are feeling great then our team of marshals (many of whom are keen runners too) will be on hand to offer support and encouragement. You wouldn’t want to upset them now, would you?

Did we mention timing?

FFFK will be timing runners as they come through. In our first season, this will be done manually and timed by two ‘non-distractible’ timekeepers. This information will then be uploaded to our website for you to view your time, position, gender ranking etc. We aim to do this within 48 hours.


Bournemouth Borough Council, along with ourselves cannot guarantee that the street lights along the promenade will be in full working order throughout the event We do suggest the use of head torches if you have them.

How do I register?

Please click here to print out your registration form. It will save time if you can complete and bring it in with you.

If you are registering on the day then please arrive by 6:30pm to complete forms and receive your race number. We will have safety pins for you to pin your bibs on.

If you have already registered and have a race number, please arrive no later than 6:45pm with your race bib attached to you and sign in at race control, don’t forget your race fee!

Race numbers?

Upon completing and submitting a registration form you will be given a race number This number is yours for the series, a bit like a Park Run barcode. You can pin it to your race top, or wear a race belt with it on.

If you forget your race number then you will need to have your race number written on your hand. This is to identify you, should we need to during the race and upon completion for your time to be registered.

How much does it cost?

Child (under 16’s)£2.00
Family (2 x adult, 2 x child)£10.00
Season Ticket (entry to all races)£32.00

What am I paying for?

You’re paying for 5,000 metres of pure adrenaline, mixed with sand, sea water, and the thrill of the chase. When you cross the finish line you’ll be fffk-ing breathless and ready for a drink promo at the bar! Oh! Your race fee also covers insurance and a whole host of admin costs.

Can my children run too?

Adults must sign for any children that are under the age of 16. This can be found on the registration form under ‘consent’. If the Race Director believes a child to be under the age of 16 without  an adults consent signature they will not be allowed to run. This is in accordance with our Insurance and agreement with Boscombe Beach Council. We also ask that children (and adults alike) position themselves at the start in order of ability.

As Race Director I love to see children take part. My son has been doing Park Runs with me since he was 8 and nothing makes me prouder than finishing with him (however, now he is significantly faster than me!) We offer children a 50% discount on the entry fee at £2.00

Wheelchair racers

We’d love to have you take part in FFFK we just ask that you ensure you are correctly positioned in your start. We cannot guarantee that the course will be clear of puddles or sand, so please watch out for these.

Four legged friends, can they run?

Absolutely but we ask that you begin at the back and keep them on a tight lead. The course is fairly wide but as we do not have exclusive use we need to remain courteous to other promenade users. Interesting fact…. the second most common running injury is tripping over dogs and their leads!

Family ticket

We love to see families taking part and being that it’s not a ‘school night’ let the little ones come and have some healthy fun with you. Family tickets are 2 x adults and 2 x under 16’s. You don’t have to run together but you will have to be together when paying your entry.

This discounted price will be £10

Buggies can be used but once again please ensure you are aware of other runners and put yourself in the correct starting position.


Refunds will not be issued. Sorry!

Are spectators welcome?

Yes, they certainly are. With Urban Reef restaurant, just seconds away from the finishing chute they can enjoy a drink whilst cheering you in. The course has many great points to view from; we just ask that they remain courteous of runners and other promenade users.

Updates on Race Day

Our Facebook channel will be your primary source of information on race day. We will use this for all important announcements such as if the lights are faulty and if head torches are advised. This will be announced by 6pm on race day.

Storage of bags, drinks and possessions.

We will have a large vehicle on site which will be secured during the race.  We ask that keys are put into an envelope (we will supply these) and your race number and name is put on the envelope. FFFK or your Race Director cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings. To collect your possessions, you will need to identify yourself and show your race number. If you lose your number during the run we will wait until all other items have been collected and ask you to identify and describe your possessions until we are confident and comfortable that you are the owner. Anything left will be held by FFFK and brought back to the next race. Anything left at the end of the series will be donated to charity.

Race time – what to expect?

Race briefing will commence at 6:50pm-6:55pm. This will be a brief explanation of the course, dangers and what to do upon completion of the 5km.

7:00pm GO!!! All participants set off. Anyone arriving after this time will be allowed to run but of course their timing will not be accurate.

Where possible we will have a tail runner that will join our final positioned athlete. This ensures that all runners return safely. If you decide to pull out and run off into the sea or up a zig zag then please let a marshal know. However, it is not the responsibility of the RD or FFFK to count every runner back in.

Where should I start?

As mentioned, when possible we will have pacers on the course. These will be identifiable with the pacer wearing a top with a predicted race finish time on them. For example the 25:00 minute pacer will be running at 08:02 minute miles and will endeavour to do their best to keep this consistent pace. They will do their very best to help you achieve your goals, but cannot guarantee to finish exactly on their time.

When you begin your race, tuck yourself in behind the pacer that matches your ability and begin with them. This stops too much congestion on the course but please be aware and considerate of all.

When you begin you will be asked to run out towards Southbourne on the ‘Beach’ side. This is the side closest to the sand. When you go round the back of the halfway marshal you will be asked to go round anti-clockwise. When you head back towards the finish line you will be asked to run just outside of the runners that are heading out to the turnaround. We don’t mind if you would like to tuck into the sand side when you have passed the last runner but please be sure you have passed the last runner. This is to take advantage of the flattest part of the promenade.

Where does the race finish?

The start and finish line is at the same point – Beside Urban Reef restaurant. You will see a finishing chute at the end and be asked to finish once inside the chute stay in position. You will be given a ticket with your race position on. Please keep this safe and upon your person until we take your race number. The ticket stating your position, your race number and your time will all be correlated and then uploaded onto the website. We cannot guarantee this will be 100% accurate so if timekeeping is very important to you then please do bring your own stopwatch but we will endeavour to do our best for you.

Will there be water

No, please bring your own bottles and have them marked if possible with either your race number or name.

Inclement weather

If the weather is wet and windy then the ‘Show will go on!’

However, if the weather is deemed dangerous with fish flying across the promenade and risk of landslides then a judgement will be made by 6pm on race day. Once again, it is your responsibility to check the Facebook page.

The weather may drive some sand onto the promenade. We will not be able to clear this away. Please be aware of this as it may become slippery and a little harder to run on.

Please note though, we do live in England, this is the winter and the weather can do as it pleases when it pleases. A good friend said ‘No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!’

Can I take photos or film the event?

As part of your registration process you will be asked to sign a disclaimer stating that photos may be taken during the event and used for marketing and promotional purposes. Here at FFFK we only like photogenic show offs. If you are camera shy then please wear a paper bag but be sure to cut out the eye holes! Risk Assessment – tick!

From time to time we will have photographers on the course taking photos of you. All of our images will be posted to our Instagram and our facebook. Please feel free to add your own. Include the #fffkrunning on all of your images so we can find them! You are welcome to use any of our photographs but please make sure you share and spread the word about our amazing community and exciting events.


We will be handing out a number of prizes for the following categories at the end of the series.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female – Your fastest 6 times will be added and the person with the lowest time will be listed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Junior Male (Under 16)

Junior Female (Under 16)

Standard Male

Standard Female

V35 Male (35-49)

V35 Female (35-49)

V50 Male (50-64)

V50 Female (50-64)

V65 Male (65+)

V65 Female (65+)


FFFK Race Dates for your diary.









28/4/17 Lap of honour. This will be our final race of the series at Boscombe. We will have a few treats up our sleeves…

 Final thoughts from your Race Director.

We’d love to have you take part in our runs. We have a lovely course, great team and have worked hard to bring these events to you. Any suggestions and feedback will be gratefully received.

Mel – Race Director